Members of the lab have a range of different backgrounds — mathematics, computer science, economics etc. The past members have gone on to prominent positions in academia and Industry.

Rik Sarkar is a Reader (Associate Professor) at the School of Informatics at University of Edinburgh, and the deputy director of the Laboratory for foundations of computer science.

Lauren Watson is a PhD student at University of Edinburgh. Her research is in theoretical and experimental study of machine learning. She develops private, fair and interpretable machine learning techniques. Her goal is make AI ethical and reliable.

Rayna Andreeva is a PhD student at University of Edinburgh. Her research interest are in topology and and geometry and their applications in machine learning. She develops topological data analysis techniques for Biomedical Engineering.

Tobias Cheung is a starting PhD student at University of Edinburgh. His research interests are in Topological data analysis and Generative models.

Thomas Wong is starting as a PhD student at University of Edinburgh, and his interests are in security and privacy in machine learning.

Past members

Benedek Rozemberczki Research Scientist at Isomorphic Labs (part of Deepmind, Alphabet). Previously, Research Scientist, AstraZeneca.

Abhirup Ghosh Assistant Professor, University of Birmingham

Maria Asrefanoaei Assistant Professor, ITU Copenhagen

Panagiota (Yota) Katsikouli Research Associate, University of Copenhagen.

Hao-Tsung Yang Assistant Professor, National Central University, Taiwan

Past Visitors and Interns

Zeno Kujawa

Zhiyi Wang.

Ameer Saadt Yazdi

Dimirtris Christodoulou

Parul Saini